Professional website development since 2001

We have the honor to introduce ourselves: we are the "Graf-X" web studio from Russia.

Do you want to express yourself online? You have come to the right address, because our profession is website development.

Our advantages

Creating web sites
so you always know who to turn to in case of any problems.
under the contract
Business relationships must be fixed legally.
Phased payment
We ask for full prepayment for the project only for the current stage of the work.
performance guarantee
Our credo:
a serious approach to development

How we work

Basing on the purpose of the site and its potential categories of users, we will:

  • 1offer the structure of your site and the way presentation of information on it;
  • 2create a unique style and design of the site;
  • 3supplement web site the necessary functionality;
  • 4carry out the advertising campaign of your website on the Internet with maximum efficiency (website promotion, contextual advertising);
  • 5further support website (support site, updated content).

As a result, you will get not just a beautiful toy, but a useful tool, a good assistant for your business.

Creation of sites

Consumers today are looking for products online - be sure that your resourse will be caught by their eye, for this you should charge website creation to the professionals.

Our technology

We use modern technologies and tools in website development : Laravel (advanced PHP framework), XSLT (powerful templating engine), modularization system (similar to BEM's own development), SASS (CSS preprocessor), Babel (JS preprocessor), Gulp and Webpack (to build the project).

Site design

Visitors don't see what's happening inside the web site, but they immediately react to his appearance. That is why an important role in the future of each online project is the design of web sites and design web pages. The skill of the web designer depends on how friendly will be a resource to users (its styling, ease of use). In the development of the visual design of the website we use HTML5- ("gears" on this website) and CSS-animation ("bucket"), scrolling effects ("girl"), sound effects ("bucket") and many other ways to attract the attention of website visitors. Using the SVG allows you to achieve the highest quality image. Well, responsive layout makes your site super easy for mobile device users.

Website promotion

We do not give unrealistic hopes, wrapping them in small fonts obscure clauses of the contract. We promise you only those results, which we are absolutely sure in. Don't want to get your site banned search engines? Then the tools with which to promote your website should be crystal clear. We value our reputation and therefore in the promotion comply with all recommendations of search engines – focusing on the natural evolution of your website.


Entrust website maintenance to our experts who will take care of that resource in the future remained operational, competitive and efficient.